עֲבַדI, עֲבֵיד ch. sam(עבדto work) (corresp. to h. עָשָׂה) 1) to do, labor; to make; to act. Targ. Gen. 1:7. Ib. 31:26; a. v. fr.Ber.60b לעולם … כל דעביד רחמנא לטב Ms. M. (ed. לטב עביד; v. Rabb. D. S. a. l. note 3) man should train himself always to say, Whatever the Merciful One does, is for good; Yalk. Job 893 כל … לטב עביד. Tem.4b אי עביד מהני, v. הֲנִי. Yeb.37a מי עָבוּד רבנן תקנתאוכ׳ (not עביד) have the Rabbis adopted special measures for priests ? Ib. עַבְדִּינָן כרבנן we act (decide) in accordance with the opinion of the Rabbis. Keth.60b לא עַבְדֵי נשי דחנקןוכ׳ women will not do such a thing as Strangling their children. Kidd.50a לא ע׳ אינש דמשויוכ׳ a man will not declare himself a wrongdoer; a. v. fr. 2) to do, fare, prosper. Lev. R. s. 5, end מה את עָבֵיד how art thou?; ומה ארעא עֲבִידָא and how does the field fare?; מה תורין עַבְדִין how are the oxen? Ib. ע׳ לב טב he assumes cheerfulness. Gen. R. s. 13 כל שיחתן … עַבְדַּת ארעא all the talk of people turns on the land (material prosperity): ‘the land is doing well (crops promise to be good); ‘the land is not doing well; a. fr. 3) to spend time. Y.Shebi.VIII, 38b top עביד טמיר במערתאוכ׳ he remained hidden in a cave ; ib. IX, 38d. Y.Shek.V, 48d top עַבְדַת טמיראוכ׳ she (the ass) remained hidden with them ; Gen. R. s. 60 עבדת גבון; a. fr.Part. pass. עָבִיד; f. עֲבִידָא made, liable to, likely, used to. Y.Peah III, 17d bot. היך ע׳ how did it happen (i. e. in what case would it make a practical difference for the slave)? R. Hash. 22b, a. e. מילתא דע׳ לאיגלויי, v. גְּלֵי. Shebu.46a, v. גְּזַם; a. fr. Af. אַעֲבֵיד, Pa. עַבֵּיד 1) to make, produce. Targ. O. Ex. 32:10 אַעַבֵּיד ed. Berl. (oth. אַעֲבֵיד; Y. אֶעְבַּד). Ib. 30:37; a. fr.Lev. R. s. 28, end, v. infra. 2) to cause to prosper. Gen. R. s. 13 כל תפלתן … מרי תַעֲבִיד ארעא יכ׳ all the prayers of men turn on the earth (mundane affairs): Lord, make the land (crop) thrive, make the land prosper; a. e. 3) to work through. Part. pass. מְעַבַּד, מְעַבְּדָא. B. Mets. 116b טינא דמע׳ thoroughly kneaded clay. Ithpe. אִיתְעֲבֵיד, אִיעֲבֵיד to be done; to be made, become. Targ. Gen. 29:26. Targ. Koh. 8:4. Targ. Ps. 62:4; a. fr.Lam. R. to II, 2 בעית לאִיעַבְדָּאוכ׳ (not לאיבדא, לעיבדא) dost thou want to be made a senator? Lev. R. s. 28, end מאן דעַבֵּיד … אתע׳וכ׳ he who made the comes …, is now to become a bather ; Esth. R. to VI, 10 האי גברא מְעַבֵּיד … עביד בלן (corr. acc.); a. fr. Zeb.75b דאיעבד, read: דאיערוב, v. עֲרַב I.V. דִּיעֲבַד.

Dictionary of the Targumim, the Talmud Babli and Yerushalmi, and the Midrashic Literature. . 1903.

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